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[Daria] With An "Uh", And An "Um" [17/?] (PG-13)

Title: With An "Uh", And An "Um" (Part 17 of ?)
Author: Kimmie
Fandom: Daria
Type: long fic, ongoing
Rating: PG-13 (so far)
Disclaimer: Daria was not written by me! I only wrote this fic.
Summary: A "What If?" What if Trent moved to Boston after the end of the canon timeline?
Quinn opened the door and bounced inside. "Daria! I'm here!"

Trent rolled his eyes and moved her suitcases just enough that the door could close. "She's working on a paper right now."

"She's always working on *something*, Trent. But if you don't pull her away from it sometimes, she goes into, like, Brain Overload mode or something." Quinn put her hand on her hip. "Come *on*, Daria! I *don't* have all day."

"I'm in the bathroom!" Daria's angry voice carried down the stairs well enough and Quinn had the decency to look chagrined.

Trent pointed to the couch. "You'll be sleeping here."

"Ooo! It's *cute*! Wait a second, sleeping on a couch? That is *so* not cool."

Trent rubbed his eyes. "It's a sofa bed."

"Oh, okay. I mean, I guess I don't have any right to complain or anything since this *is* making me money. I mean, they paid me to get a hotel room for the night for this, but how could I when Daria lives in town?"

"Is Daria getting any of that money?" Trent glared at Quinn.

"Um." Quinn brushed her hair back from her shoulder. "Of course! I wanted that to be a *surprise*, though. I figured she should get a third-", she looked at Trent again, "a half of what they gave me. So, that's, like, $200."

"Okay, I guess you're not all bad." Trent pointed out the remote control on the coffee table. "Feel free to watch TV. I'm gonna head up and tell Daria to get the money in cash."

"What do you have against me, Trent? You're acting like you don't like me. I don't get that very often."

Trent took a seat on the couch. "You've spent every minute that I've seen you being a self-obsessed bimbo. You're the exact opposite of Daria. And since she and Janey are the two girls I like most in this world, what would make you think that I would fall under *your* spell?"

"Because everyone does?" Quinn smiled.

"I think that's your problem. I mean, I guess you're cute and all, but what do you know about life? What problems have you ever had? Those are the things that make people grow. You're still talking like you're back in high school."

"I have *problems*." She stomped her foot.

"Hangnails and zits don't count." Trent leaned back on the couch and grinned.

"I do *not* have any zits! Ugh!" Quinn finally sat on the other end of the couch and glared at him. "Those *are* problems for popular people. And just because I'm not some constant Good Samaritan, it doesn't make me self-obsessed."

"Nah. The fact that everything you say is about you makes you self-obsessed." Trent stood up. "I'm gonna see if Daria's okay."

"She's *in* the bathroom." Quinn crossed her arms across her chest.

"And maybe she's staying in there just because her sister and her boyfriend are arguing." Trent jogged up the stairs and knocked at the bathroom door. "I want you to know that I have even more respect for you not killing her over the years."

A red-faced Daria opened the bathroom door. "Underneath it all, and I mean *way* underneath it all, she's a good kid."

"I know you *say* that, but I'm just not seeing it." He scratched at his chin and frowned. "I just wish she'd appreciate you more. You're kinda awesome."

"Well, in her world, she's awesome, too." Daria took a step forward. "Let's go in my room for a minute. I feel really awkward talking in the doorway to the bathroom."

"Hmm, yeah. Okay." Trent followed her and took a seat on the bed.

Daria sat down next to him and grabbed his hand and held it. "Look, Quinn and I will never have the relationship that you and Jane have. But she's still family. Isn't that about how you feel about your other siblings?"

"I guess. But up until recently, I didn't do anything for anyone to think I was worth something. So if they thought I was lame, they were right."

"I thought you were pretty worthy." Daria squeezed his hand tightly. "I mean, sure, you were kind of a slacker. But, you were always there for Jane, no matter what. You did what you loved doing and made enough money at it that you didn't have to get a regular job. And you gave me more helpful advice than anyone else I've ever known. I've never forgotten that."

"So you're saying I should give her a chance?" Trent grimaced.

"I'm saying that if you hold your tongue well enough, you can sleep in here tonight."

Trent suddenly smiled. "Well, I *guess* I could maybe be nicer or something."

Daria smiled and squeezed his hand again. "I thought you might see things my way." She stood up and released Trent's hand. I'd better get down there before she discovers that we have the Fashion Channel."

"Ooo! The Bow Report!" they heard squealed from downstairs.

"Too late," Daria said as she headed out of the room and down the stairs. "Sorry that took so long, Quinn. We were making out and I lost all track of time."

Quinn glanced over at her, then back to the television. "Yeah, right. If you were making out, you weren't doing it right. And aren't you old enough to be wearing lip gloss now? That Chapstick is, like, ancient."

Daria sat down next to Quinn and stole the remote. As she flipped through the channels she said, "I have it on good authority that boys don't like the taste of lip gloss. Are you beating them off with a stick because you just can't find one you like well enough to date?"

"Daria! That is so mean. I just like a lot of guys. Each one has something special about them. But so far, the only one that I could really see myself being with was Joey, but that'll never work." Quinn held her hands together on her lap.

"Have you tried?" Trent piped in from where he'd taken a seat on the recliner.

"Of course I did! I dated him the entire last month of high school and after graduation, he asked me to marry him."

"What?! Why didn't you tell me?" Daria shifted to get a better look at Quinn.

Quinn bit her lip. "I told him 'no'. We were about to head off to college in different states. And besides, he was still friends with Jeffy and Jamie and it would feel weird seeing them when I was, like, engaged to Joey. And, he hasn't tried to call me since then, either."

Daria sighed. "Look, Quinn, I'm going to be honest with you here. You're being a moron. For all of the guys that you've dated, if there's one that seems like he's a step above the rest, then maybe he is, or at least he is to you. My suggestion? Find out if he's taken now. If he isn't, visit him and see what happens. Either you'll end up living happily ever after and all of that crap, or you'll realize he isn't as great as you remember and you'll stop measuring every guy you meet against him."

Quinn hugged Daria. "Thanks, sis." She flipped her hair and grinned. "So, how is life in Boston?"

"Relatively uneventful. Just how I like it."

"Daria, promise me that you're not just sitting around the house all the time doing nothing."

Daria snickered. "No. Sometimes I'm doing Trent."

"Daria!" Quinn looked shocked, but turned to Trent to see he was grinning. "Hmpf. The two of you are perfect together."

Trent reclined the chair. "Yeah. I think so."

"You haven't taken her anywhere lame on a date, have you? Because Tom did that. And for a guy with a lot of money to take you to drug store to look at *greeting* cards for a date? That's just lame."

"He made a picnic and then took me to look at the stars," Daria said. "Is that romantic enough for you?"

Quinn smirked. "It's a start. But where else has he taken you?"

"Trent has lived up here for less than a month, Quinn. Give us both time to discover places. Because, you're right, Tom was horrible about it."

Turning to Trent, Quinn frowned slightly. "Okay, *Daria* will never tell you all of this stuff, and if I wait on you to figure it out, then it'll take for-*ever*. Daria likes any restaurant that brings you bread when you sit down. So, Italian places, steakhouses, and seafood places. She likes pizza, but none of the big chains. Local chains are still okay. She likes when you hold open doors to places for her, but she does *not* like it when you open her car door or try to push in her chair for her. And if you need to know her sizes to buy her some jewelry, call me because I doubt she even knows."

Trent stared at her for a moment, then turned to Daria. "Is all of that true?"

Daria slumped forward. "Maybe more of it than I'd like to admit."

"Hmm... I guess you're not *such* a bad sister, Quinn."

"Thanks!" Quinn pursed her lips as she looked at Daria. "You know what? I'm going to blow off my date. Let's all go out to dinner!"

"We should wait for Jane to get back, too." Daria turned back to Quinn. "What was this about you giving me money I heard earlier? I miss that."

"Oh, all right. $200 for spending the night."

"Quinn, I can't take all of your money." Daria smirled. "You can give me $100 and pick up the tab for dinner."

"You're getting soft, Daria." Quinn got up and grabbed her purse, then rifled through it for a moment before handing Daria five $20 bills.

Once Daria had tucked the money away in her pocket, she turned to Trent. "What's that really expensive place we were talking about eating at?"

Quinn stuck her tongue out at her sister. "You and your loopholes!"

"It's good having you here, too, Quinn." Daria hugged her sister tightly. "I do miss you every now and again. And then I smell the lavender in the bathroom and realize I can wait until Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, any idea what Mom and Dad's plans are?"

"You know, the usual. Plan a vacation, cancel at the last second, and then be bitter but joyful when we find a way to come home despite our other plans. I was hoping to have a date this year, but I guess we'll see."

"You might be able to borrow Jane."

Trent snickered. "Yeah, if she'd have you."

"I'll have you know that Jane would be doing really good if she could land me, Trent!" Quinn pointed a finger at him and made a face.

"She's got standards. At least, I think she does. I mean, she's never really dated anyone good, but she's been pretty picky. Ah, hell, I'm just pretty sure she's not interested in girls like that. I think she said something about that once. I was trying to listen, but I was sleepy."

"Long car ride?" Daria raised her eyebrows.

"Nah. Pretty sure I was driving."

"Okay, people. Dinner's my treat, but no more than $20 each! I have to get my favorite strappy heels fixed."

Daria asked, "Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a new pair?"

"Not quite. And, besides, they're my lucky pumps! They're the shoes I was wearing when I graduated, and when I got my promotion." She nodded solemnly. "If there's a fashion god, he blessed those shoes."

"Then why didn't he keep them from breaking?"

"Duh, Daria, to test my faith!" Quinn grinned. "Let's watch some TV until Jane gets here. Do they still do that Sick Sad show thing?"

"Why would you want to watch that?" Daria picked up the remote anyway and started flipping through the channels.

"Because isn't that model who used to do the encylopedias hosting now? I want to see what she's wearing."

Daria rolled her eyes. "Hey, at least we can compromise on something."

Trent leaned back on the recliner and watched the two sisters talk, thinking that maybe their relationship wasn't *that* much different than his with Janey.
End: Chapter 17.

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