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[Daria] With An "Uh", And An "Um" [11b/?] (NC-17)

Title: With An "Uh", And An "Um" (Part 11b of ?)
Author: Kimmie
Fandom: Daria
Type: long fic, ongoing
Rating: NC-17 (this chapter only)
Disclaimer: Daria was not written by me! I only wrote this fic.
Summary: A "What If?" What if Trent moved to Boston after the end of the canon timeline?
When they got to the door of the apartment, Daria couldn't seem to contain herself much longer. Since beginning to identify herself as a sexual being, she had started to take charge of her actions in regard to sex and had been the aggressor several times with Tom. Now, she was glad of the experience because it let her feel free to shut and latch the door quickly before throwing her jacket and bag to the floor and pressing Trent against the door and standing on her toes to kiss him deeply. His arms reached down to wrap around her hips and pull her upward so her legs could wrap loosely around his waist. Her lips explored his only for a moment before moving on to lesser known areas. Daria's teeth grazed against Trent's left ear lobe, eliciting a gasp from him. She placed breathy, open-mouthed kisses all over his skin as she worked her way to his other ear to give it similar treatment. Trent placed his kisses wherever he could reach, but the ones she liked most were the ones he gave her neck. She struggled from his grasp and felt her feet hit the floor again. She turned and pulled Trent with her, knowing that if she didn't make a point to make it to her bedroom now, they might not make it there at all.

Once they were in Daria's room, Daria toed off her boots and pushed Trent to sit on the edge of her bed. She took a deep breath and straddled his lap, feeling the hard texture of his jeans pressing against her. She licked her lips as she canted her hips and pressed against him, enjoying the feeling herself, and enjoying the low groan that escaped his lips as the hands that grasped her waist grew more confident and started to explore. Trent kept one hand behind her, though that hand played lower and cupped her buttocks. The other traced along the curve of her hip and up her side before it cupped her breast firmly. His thumb played over where her nipple was, but the effect was dulled by the material of her dress. In a moment of exasperation, she reached down to pull the dress off and was pleased when Trent's hands joined to make quick work of the garment's removal. Left in a lacy black bra, leggings and her socks, Daria unbuttoned Trent's blazer and slid it down his shoulders. He made a noise of frustration and removed his hands from her to toss the jacket aside and quickly unbutton his shirt to have it join the blazer. Daria kissed him again as her hands were the ones to struggle to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans and ease the zipper open, her thumb just grazing against him. He moaned against her and her slightly opened eyes saw his tightly closed ones. Dragging his boxers down, she looked at his cock as her hand made a closer acquaintance. Her forehead rested against his as she gripped him gently and moved her hand at a sedate pace, loving the gasps and groans he was so free with. He filled her hand and then a bit more, though the length seemed to be steadily increasing as she worked her hands over him. When he reached full hardness, she was stopped by his hands and a pleading look.

Daria smiled and kissed Trent gently as she slid off his lap. Her hands went behind her to unclasp her bra, and Trent looked extremely eager to see the view afforded him as it slid to the floor. He rose to a standing position and worked the rest of his clothing off. Daria pushed herself past the mental barrier telling her that this was her last chance to say 'No'. She pulled down her leggings and panties, taking off her socks in the process, as well. They stood naked in front of each other for a long moment, and Daria was aware of every cool draft in the room before Trent's arms enveloped her. His tongue quested out to seek hers and she relented to be found, urging him backward toward the bed again as they kissed.

Trent was surprised as the back of his knees hit against the bed. He sat down heavily and Daria placed one hand firmly on his shoulder. The other opened the drawer on her nightstand and revealed a selection of plastic and foil wrapped packages. He recognized the brand he had come to prefer and grabbed one, making quick work of opening the package and sliding the condom onto his erect penis. When Daria's fingers came to ghost against his as he did this, he panted slightly. Daria urged him further back on the bed and he was glad of her urging as she straddled his lap again. Her fingers reached to touch herself, spreading her natural lubrication, before her heat wrapped around the head of his cock and she impaled herself upon it further, letting out a breath he hadn't been aware she'd been holding as she reached the base. She held herself there for only a moment before working herself upward. His hands went again to her breasts. His thumbs grazed at her nipples and the guitar-roughened skin caught at them, drawing heady gasps from her. After a moment, he leaned forward to take one nipple into his mouth, letting his teeth capture it as he teased it with his tongue. Her hips stilled, but her wet heat continued to pulse against him as she moaned loudly. He switched breasts, firmly laving his tongue against her before alternating a flick and a light bite into the pattern. He pressed her breasts together tightly and she began to move her hips against him again, her speed increasing with the intensity of what his mouth was doing. As he pressed her breasts even tighter against each other and then took both of her nipples into his mouth, sucking gently and biting lovingly, she found her pace increased to the point where she took notice of her squeaking bedsprings over the wash of sensation growing within her.

Letting go of Daria's breasts, Trent heard her keening wail of displeasure, but feeling his own orgasm approaching, he leaned back slightly and touched her stomach, letting his hand trace down her abdomen as she moved. His thumb led the way through the light covering of hair on her pubis and quested for her clitoris. He could tell he'd found it when the slightest bit of pressure from his finger caused her to go wild on top of him. She clutched at his shoulders and cried out as her hips slammed against him with bruising force. He felt his explosive release and his hips, having urged themselves upward whenever her hips would allow, beat against her until the pair collapsed in a sweaty pile on Daria's bed.

After a moment of silence punctuated with panting and contented sighs, Trent urged his body upward. He removed his condom and tied it off, tossing it into the trash can under Daria's desk only after noting the presence of a trash bag in it. He lay back down on the bed and his arms embraced Daria and urged her toward him. She scooted backward until her body was cradled against him. "Mmm..." he said against her ear.

"That was incredible," she said.

Trent kissed her cheek. "Just means we were doing it right."

Daria nodded. "I can't argue with that."

"It's kind of cold in here, isn't it?"

"Well, I'm comfortable *now*, but if you go away, then I suppose I'll be cold."

"I think we should get into pajamas." Trent nudged her hip with his.

Daria groaned, but pushed herself into a standing position. She walked self-consciously over to her closet and came back bearing a gray terrycloth robe and another bundle of cloth. She handed him the robe. "Here. You can wear this downstairs to get your pajamas."

Trent wrapped the robe around him and took a moment to sort out which clothes in the pile on the floor were his as Daria dressed in a two-piece pajama set. He snuck downstairs and dug through his luggage before finding a pair of fleece pants and a t-shirt. He pulled the pants on under the robe and then removed it to put his shirt on. Holding the robe over one arm, he went back upstairs to Daria's room, knocking on the door softly before going in. He draped the robe over the back of her desk chair and joined her on the edge of the bed. She was sitting calmly and staring at her clasped hands. "Hey," he said as his hip brushed against hers.

"Hey," she said as she looked up at him.

"It's still all on your terms, you know."


Trent grasped her hands. "If you decide you want to wait a while or even never do that again, I won't pressure you. I'm in this for you, not sex with you. That's just a bonus, though I'll admit it's a better one than I thought."

Daria smiled. "After that performance, I think we passed the sexual compatibility test and then some." She pulled back the covers on the bed and climbed in. Trent turned off the light and slid in after her, falling asleep only moments later with her wrapped in his arms, much like the night that had started all of this.
End: Chapter 11b

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